Some of the projects I've worked on
Autopply [Web Application Design]
Improving the job application process experience

This project was about creating something for the job applicants which would make the job search process less frustrating by minimizing the time and efforts they are required to put into it. This was a year long project and I tried to implement all of my skills, right from user research to front-end development, from information architecture to business model generation and from user centered design to branding.

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SEPTA Mobile App [Mobile App Redesign]
Enhancing the SEPTA experience

In this project, I redesigned the official app for the South-Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority [SEPTA], a transport service with a daily ridership of 132,000. It involved auditing the existing application and redesigning it using inputs gained through user research and other UX techniques.

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S Maps [Task-flow Redesign]
Bettering the navigation experience

S Maps is an application that helps people find directions without having to fill any input fields or selecting any options. It removes the pain of putting in the location, the destination, the mode of transport and understanding the complex research results, with the help of an AI Personal Assistant, which provides the right information at the right time through a conversational UI.

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WFL Mobile App [Mobile App Design]
Bettering the co-working space experience

The goal of this project was to propose a design solution for Waterfront Labs, a co-working space located in New Jersey, which would help better their business. The end product was a system of smart desks coupled with a mobile application which enhances interactions and encourages collaboration between the groups sharing the space, thus contributing to the overall growth of the space and promoting the business.

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Fearless Athletics [Website Redesign]
Bettering the trainer selection experience

Fearless Athletics is a CrossFit training facility in Philadelphia with its centers at Penn’s landing and South Philly, where people come to train and learn new techniques. They wanted their website redesigned but wanted to continue using the WordPress framework and their existing plugins, so the new site had to be built around it.

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National Intergrity Mobile App [Mobile App Redesign]
Bettering the financial calculation experience

Integrity Title Agency provides this comprehensive app for realtors, brokers, agents and lenders. The app allows you to calculate title insurance costs, mortgage payments and transfer tax amounts. You can also place orders for your title insurance needs when buying or refinancing a home. The main challenge was to design for a target audience in their 50s and 60s who weren’t that acquainted with technology. The wireframes and visual designs for this project were made using Sketch.

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Connect Up! [Mobile App Design]
Enhancing the professional networking experience

Connect Up is an app which will help professionals connect better at various networking events such as career fairs and meetups. This was an academic project which involved unbundling the feature of an app or a physical process to create a standalone application. For which I decided to unbundle the search feature of professional networking apps, to help the users connect with the people they’ve met at events.

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Do More [Mobile App Design]
Creating a Story-altering Experience

This was a project undertaken to hone my problem-solving skills, but with a slight twist. Instead of choosing a real-world issue(like all other projects), this project involved, me choosing a fictional novel/book and helping a character from the story overcome the issues faced by them by designing a digital solution. So the story I chose was the popular tale of the hare and the tortoise from Aesop’s fables and decided to give the most famous race a plot twist.

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AcidTripArts Website [Website Design]
Bettering the game promotion experience

AcidTrip Arts is a game development company who’ve developed iOS games like Beyond the Void and Driftonic which are quite popular on the App Store. They wanted to have a responsive website to showcase their existing games as well as online press kits for the launch of their new games. Since the launch of their next game was scheduled only a month later, it was a time-sensitive project. I worked in a team of three to design as well as develop the website, contributing to both the design as well as the coding of this beautiful multi-page responsive bootstrap website. The client had mostly positive feedback and after minor changes, the site has since been helping the client exhibit their work in the most captivating way possible to both users as well as prospective sponsors.

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JFA Steel Website [Website Design]
Improving the e-commerce experience

JFA Steel Ltd. is a steel manufacturing company based in India. It is well known for a range of industrial steel products. They approached us for making a website which will improve the online presence of the company, along with a new logo which they can use to advertise on digital media. After researching a lot about B2B company, we came up with this beautiful site which not only displayed all their products but also represented what the company is all about and the values they follow while doing business, thus providing them with the perfect online presence.

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