Just a 24 year old guy, journeying through life, looking to make some impact enroute
A Little Bit Of My Story

I'm a naturally curious person who's always looking to learn something new. As someone who loves challenges and believes in continuous growth, with each new project, I look to try out a new tools or explore a new design concept.

With a background in information technology as a developer, I have a more analytical approach to things, which is something that I think helps me bring a fresh & unique perspective to any design team I join. Apart from being good with mobile apps and websites, I specialize in creating large & complex systems such as SAAS software or ecommerce sites.

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Jefferson University Master of science in user experience and interaction design - 2018

• User Research Methods
• Information Architecture
• User-Centered Design
• Mobile-first Approach


University of Mumbai Bachelor of engineering in information technology - 2016

• Web Development
• Database Designing
• SE Optimization
• Mobile App Design


University of California Intro to Human-Computer Interaction - 2016

• Need Finding
• Rapid Prototyping
• Structured Interviewing
• Heuristic Evaluation


Oracle Database Administrator - 2015

• Relational Database
• Nested Queries
• Enterprise Manager

User Research

Understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

Interaction Design

The design of the interaction between users and digital products such as websites, software and mobile applications.

Information Architecture

The art and science of organizing and labelling websites, applications and software to support usability and findability.

Visual Design

To shape and improve the user experience through considering the effects of aesthetics on the usability of products.

Tools Used By Me

I use Axure for rapid prototyping. It helps me create wireframes as well as dynmaic prototypes for quick validation.


Use it primarily for creating visual designs, but also use it sometimes for wireframing in case of time sensitive projects.


I use Photoshop to create visual mockups of the final design. Also use it for creating minor graphic elements.


I use it to create an interactive prototype out of the visual designs for user testing. It helps give users a feel of how the final product might look and work like.


An HTML/CSS/JS framework which I use to code most of the websites created by me. Being reponsive in nature, it helps the websites adapt to all screen sizes.


I've been using slack since 5 years now and it not only helps me coordinate better with my teamates, but also helps me keep up with recent trends in field of design.

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